Sketch 5 (triptych)

I honestly had no idea where to start with this sketch assignment.  In my head I tried to think of play-on-words and how I could make them into comic strips.  I read and reread the assignment multiple times hoping it would just come to me.  Once I came up with the idea to use a “knock-knock joke” I thought I would do something with the famous “orange you glad I didn’t say banana” line.  However, I did not know where the flow and stages of the comic would go besides that.  Then, I came up with this “who’s” “who” “hoo” word jumble.

It was a challenge to decide whether or not the owl should be seen in the panel where he answers the question of “who’s there.”  I did not want to show that it was an owl until the last panel even though the answer of “hooooooooooo” does this job.  Then, I had to decide whether the lady inside the house would answer with “hoo who” or who who”.  This would indicate whether or not she could differentiate the words and whether or not she already knew an owl was outside.  I purposely went with “who who” and drew a very surprised face in the end to show she was not expecting the owl.  While the reader knows it is an owl from its previous answer, that is taking place outside the house purposely covered from the lady inside.IMG_20180228_0001default


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