An Icy Fresh Day

FullSizeRenderI purposefully read the prompt for this sketch assignment a few days in advance because I knew it would take me time to brainstorm a solid idea.  I am so glad I did because for three days straight it felt like I tried to picture every object that I came across incorporated into a sketch.  Nothing was coming to me until I took a piece of gum out of my desk draw while studying and noticed the speckled pattern on its shiny outer shell for the first time.  As a result of the recent snow days we had, it hit my that I can turn these white and blue pieces of gum into snowflakes falling from the sky.  Since the freshness of super minty gum is commonly compared to the cool temperatures of ice, I decided to title my sketch “An Icy Fresh day.”  The day pictured is bright, vibrant, and sunny.  This freshness of the landscape is a result of the snow falling which could clear up any dullness.

Since the pieces of gym are very minimalistic, with the addition of a shiny speckled touch, I immediately knew I wanted to incorporate them into a cartoon like version of a landscape.  Then, it was more of a spur of the moment decision- that turned into doubling the assignment a single sketch- to put cotton ball pieces on the clouds to make them fluffy and more realistic.



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