Visual Note Taking

For my visual notes, I drew my ISOM-350 lecture on probability.  I worked to put the information of the lesson into the word probability.  I did this in two sections.  The notes within the “Probab” part of the word are the real notes on probability overlap, definitions of terms used within this unit, and equations used to calculate probabilities under certain circumstances.  I completed the phrase with “Probab-ly do not understand this.”  This is the more difficult stuff that I will be putting into use throughout this course. The notes within the bubble letters are the bullets straight out of the powerpoint lecture while the random parts around are the side notes I included in my notebook that came straight from my professor while going over different material.

Then, in the “ility” part of the word, I included my true probability “Ab-ility.”  The random math symbols that float around my head in color- instead of the boring black and white of the material before- when I think of math, numbers, and probability. Drawing out my notes allowed me to see the overwhelming information and formulas in one place organized by bullet.  I did not have much room inside the bubble letters so only included the most important and relevant information.  Seeing the notes in front of me in this way does not scare me away from the numbers and word problems that come after learning these basics.


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