Literacy Narrative Reflection

In my literacy narrative, I compare the positivity I have experienced with writing and the setbacks I have had in my history with reading.  Though I have always been a dedicated student, I have learned that needing extra help in a single subject area is something to accept.

Since I have had a similar assignment in the past, I knew I wanted to just go more into depth.  Having the pre-assignment prompts allowed me so include details that I otherwise would not think to.  This assignment was the first time I have put into words how I actually felt with the extra reading program I attended in first grade.  I was able to actually ponder how this made me feel in the past compared to what it means to me now.


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  1. The main idea I took away from your literacy narrative is that reliving your childhood through your dairy and telling others about that experience was a hard one but also a clarifying one. It helped you to understand that you didn’t need to be perfect at everything. I think it was very interesting how you describe your becoming aware of the child literacy program you were in at school and how you were at first ashamed of it. I wish I could have heard what you thought specifically changed and turned you into the reader you are today. Our essay are similar in that we were both in programs that were designed to help children read.


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